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Environmental Policy

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As a tourism business our holiday parks are part of the communities we operate in, contributing to the local economy and supporting local businesses. We are also responsible to the local environment we operate in, mindful of and monitoring any negative impact we may have. Our holiday parks positively impact too on the local environment by providing natural habitats for indigenous trees, plants and wildlife to thrive.

  • Wood Leisure recognises its responsibility for the environment and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of the business.
  • Wood Leisure will ensure compliance with all current and future environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relating to the activities of our industry.
  • Wood Leisure are committed to recycling and aim to reduce the amount of landfill waste produced.
  • Wood Leisure monitor water use and effluent production.
  • Wood Leisure continuously monitors and aim to improve resource efficiency in energy.
  • Wood Leisure involves employees in our environmental programme and works closely with environmental advisors.
  • Wood Leisure aims to involve their guests in the Responsible Visitor Charter.
  • Wood Leisure will foster environmental awareness and understanding in employees, guests and suppliers.




June 2017


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